In Home Training and Pet Sitting


Basic Obedience or New Puppy:

So you just got a new puppy or dog and you  need help? Don't worry - our basic obedience sessions are designed to help with your specific needs and will help you get off to the best start with your new puppy.

  • Intitial session     1.5 to 2 hrs     $150
  • Follow-up sessions     1 hr           $100

Behavior Modification:

Is your dog fearful or anxious of people or in certain situations? Is he displaying aggression towards people or other animals? Does he display separation anxiety? We can help with all types of bahavior problems. Our in-depth behavior evaluation will include a custom training plan, guide you on environmental management and offer hands on training exercises to help you and your dog reach a more peaceful existance. 

  • Initial session     1.5 to 2 hrs     $150
  • Follow-up sessions    1 hr           $100

*Please ask about our lesson packages