About the Trainer

In Home Training and Pet Sitting

Ann King - CPDT


​​I live and train locally in the Westchester/Bronx area. My mission is to provide family friendly dog training with an emphasis on positive reinforcement. I have been a certified trainer (www.ccpdt.com) for over 18 years and I continue to educate myself in all things dog by attending seminars and workshops prented by some of the finest Dog Trainers, Behaviorists and Veterinarians in the country.

I have worked and volunteered with shelters and rescues in NYC, Westchester and Duchess County

and I am currently the head trainer for Mount Vernon Animal Shelter. In 2013 I co founded a non profit rescue, www.bestbullies.org,  in which we rescue dogs and cats from high volume shelters then get them the medical help and train them to become wonderful adoptable pets.

Currently I have 3 dogs, 1 pet rat and 2 foster dog.